Hello, my name is İbrahim Özdoğan. Design is my lifestyle and ı am a man who can not live without desiging.

When ı started designing first, ı was dealing with digital projects like album covers and concerts posters. Then, ı found the opprtunity to experience the whole process as welss as importing my skills in printed field thanks to the school and the agencies that ı worked in. I have been working and focusing an just social meda for last three years. As a resut, ı become an experienced person an both digital and printed field. Currently, ı am designing digital and printed works as a freelance for my clients and ı’m turning these works into pusblishable sources.

Besides of this process, ı have been trying to share designs about sport on my instagram account for 2 years.

You can see my designs on my instagram account. I think, you should take a look at my other projcests. In order to make contact with me now, you can mail me at this adress: ibrahim.ozdgn@hotmail.com…

Have a nice day!